About the North Halton OHT

At the North Halton OHT we believe that everyone deserves excellent community healthcare. The world is moving from hospital-based care to community-based health care and it is imperative to align our healthcare strategy with the future of healthcare delivery.

Our philosophy is based on precision-patient-centred-care that incorporates the quadruple aim framework and is applied in an evidence-based manner. We believe in raising the standards of healthcare delivery and expectations.

In his letter to the Premier and Minister of Health Dr. Rueben Devlin wrote...

“The concern is that on any given day in the province, there are at least 1000 patients receiving health care in the hallways of our hospitals. At the same time, the wait time to access a bed in a long-term care home is 146 days, and this can vary significantly depending on where you happen to reside in Ontario.” (Devlin, 2019) 

Dr. Devlin identified the following challenges: 

  • Patients and their care givers are facing a lot of challenges “navigating” our healthcare system.
  • Wait times are long. “Ontarians cannot always see their primary care provider when they need to, wait times for some procedures and access to specialists and community care are too long, and emergency department use is increasing.”
  • Our healthcare system has capacity pressures.
  • A need has been identified for effective, seamless coordination at the “system level and point of care”.
  • Everyone is feeling the strain “Health care providers, patients and their family members”.
  • “Responsibility for coordinating high-quality health care is spread across many government agencies, organizations and the Ministry, with no clear point of accountability.” (Devlin, 2019)

The Ministry of Health is transforming the health system by applying new innovative ideas like the Ontario Health Team initiative that is based on the quadruple aim philosophy. 

The Quadruple aim philosophy looks at four areas of care...

population Health

Patient experience

Physician experience

Cost Reduction

The goal of the Ontario Health Teams is to form a seamless integrated healthcare team that is centred around the patient’s individual needs.


Why We Formed

The North Halton OHT started as a group of primary care physicians who came together out of the desire to offer our patients a better experience while addressing their needs.

Our Experience

As front-line caregivers we see opportunities for a better health care model, one that will improve the lives of patients and caregivers.


Putting a Plan in Place

On May 8th, 2019 we formed the Milton OHT and on July 18th, 2019 the Ministry accepted our application and designated us as one of the 43 OHTs in the province for being “In Development Stage”. The next step will be an invitation by the Ministry to complete a full application.


Since then our OHT has evolved to include Acton and Georgetown physicians, The Mississauga-Halton LHIN, Halton Health Care in addition to a number of community partners who share our vision, values and aim to deliver a holistic evidence-based approach to healthcare delivery. 

The strength of our partnerships ensures an all-inclusive model of care that encompasses the patient from time of diagnosis and treatment to real-world support systems in the community. 

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