COVID-19 Guidance: Primary Care Providers in a Community Setting – November 9 2020

Tags: PPE Personal Protective Equipment. Office Management

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Highlights of changes

  • Reference to Ontario Health’s document on Optimizing Care Through COVID-19 Transmission Scenarios.

  • Importance of in-person care where essential and for those conditions and instances where patients may not benefit from virtual care (Bullet 4)

  • Reference to COVID-19 Screening tool for Children in School and Child Care (Bullet 14)

  • Change from 14 to 10 days of self-isolation following symptom onset, provided that the individual is afebrile, and symptoms are improving (Bullet 14)

  • Importance of not delaying assessment and treatment of issues which have symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19 but are clinically evident of a different diagnosis (Bullet 20)

  • Reference to Considerations for Community-Based Health Care Workers on Interpreting Local Epidemiology (Bullet 20)

  • Reference to Guidance for Immunization Services During COVID-19 (Bullet 28)

Updated November 9th, 2020