LTC Support Appeal

We are reassembling a list of primary care physicians in the region that may be able to help out with long-term care support in the Mississauga and Halton regions should we find there is an increased need over January and February 2022.  Presently we have no confirmation that this need exists. We wish to reassemble a list of interested and qualified physicians should the need arise to send additional help to LTC facilities in the Mississauga/Halton and neighbouring regions.

Many of you will have already responded to previous appeals for LTC support in the fall of 2020. If so, please consider re-responding to this appeal as it will help THP to determine who is still available to participate in LTC capacity presently. 

These appeals are straightforward to fill out. Generally, it takes less than a minute to do so. So, please consider signalling your interest if you think you may be able to provide some support if it comes to it during this difficult time.